Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Won't Be Quiet

Our family is tired today after a long, but really great week! My kids attended another great week of VBS at a large church in our area. This was my oldest daughter's seventh and final year to attend. They love going because this church does everything really big! They have tons of bouncy games for recreation and just do a lot of really great stuff. But what I love the most is their chance to learn a little more about God's word and to really get to have fun worshipping. I LOVED getting to sneak in during worship time this week and watch from the back of the auditorium as all three of mine sang. My son had a great time with the songs this year and seemed to really "let is all out" for the first time. He's always been a little more reserved at this church than at our own. His favorite song is now number three on my playlist below! Check it out....We Won't Be Quiet! Great Song....

We are looking forward to another great and long week next week as our church hosts it's own version of Vacation Bible School. We call it Nick At Night...VBS with a Mess!! The part I'm most excited about is getting to watch my two girls help lead during the worship time. They love helping to lead the songs and watching them practice with the other kids this week just blessed me so much!! I love seeing them get excited about serving and using their gifts. My oldest daughter is finally getting to also help in the preschool area. She could not be more thrilled! I'll let you know how everything goes next week. Praying for no rain and cooler temps!!

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